Multiple Intelligence

Researched based Curriculum

We provide a stimulating learning environment which focuses on individual learning, promotes independence & encourages responsibility. The curriculum incorporates a good mix of creative learning and formal education. Sun Valley Academy curriculum is greatly inspired by “Multiple Intelligence”. We focus on overall development of children,

The Eight Intelligences are:

Linguistic Intelligences – Word Intelligent

Logical-mathematical intelligence – Number Intelligent

Visual-Spatial Intelligence – Picture Intelligent

Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence – Body Smart

Musical Intelligence – Music Smart

Interpersonal Intelligence – People Intelligent

Intrapersonal Intelligence – Self-Smart

Naturalist Intelligence – Nature Smart

We serve each child the opportunity to create, invent, innovate, explore, discover and enjoy the journey of learning.

We understand that each child is an individual and is unique with his or her skillsets & interest. Therefore, we try to strike a balance by focusing on all aspects of a child's development including physical activities, art and academics are together a part of learning process

To encourage team spirit from the early stage in a child, we encourage team activity as part of our curriculum which will make children realize the importance of team member and sense of gratitude, as they grow as a balanced individual.

We believe that children learn through play and creativity; therefore, dramatic play, music and movement, and child-centered activities are part of curriculum. The Montessori materials and methods together with Reggio Emilia's ways of encouraging children to learn through creative arts and play as well as Multiple Intelligence based approach will be used to meet the learning needs of all children. Facilitation is mainly aimed at creating independent learners with a great enthusiasm towards exploration and guiding children's thinking skills for greater creativity and imagination. This is achieved through open ended questions which trigger THINKING which foster an excitement about learning and providing an enriching environment for exploring in nature, science, logic, music, art, craft etc.

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.” 
: Plutarch


We focus on a collaborative approach, integrating motor, communication and cognitive development, resulting in a wholistic program that encompasses every aspect of a child's personality.